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Heloise Pilkington
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Welcome to my world of Song and Sacred Sound

Her voice is undeniably beautiful, clear and supple.

Songlines magazine

I adore folkloric singer Heloise Pilkington’s clear and crystalline voice.

Psychologies Magazine


Welcome to my world of Song and Sacred Sound. I have journeyed with music and song since I was a child, and finding my authentic voice has been my life’s journey. On this website you will find some of my songs, videos and articles I have contributed to publications about my work with sound.

Since the birth of my daughter in 2019 I have taken time out from the work I love so I could devote myself fully to serving this beautiful soul in her early years. I am gently beginning to return and will be releasing some new recordings soon…

If you resonate with my offerings please stay in touch. I look forward to sharing with you.

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Her voice is undeniably beautiful, clear and supple... featuring both sung lyrics and spoken word, the album explores spiritual themes... a deeply meditative journey.
Songlines Magazine

Initiatrix beautifully illustrates the journey of descent, renewal and vitality by weaving classically structured songs with chants, instrumentals, poems and free flow trance inspired eruptions that can be used for ceremonial purposes or simply enjoyed for the wonderful songs they are
Yoga Magazine

I have found that certain music helps refresh my mind and brings me to a point where I can renew focus and dispel stress. I adore folkloric singer Heloise Pilkington's serene and crystalline voice; It helps me stay calm and clear.. and the kids love it too!
Psychologies Magazine

Listen to two of the  tracks Deep Into The Earth and Initiatrix below:

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