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I really loved Heloise Pilkington. It was exactly what I had hoped to get from the evening. Her voice sent shivers down my spine (in a good way!)

Alternatives London, Winter Solstice Concert

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I absolutely loved the two wonderful musicians and singers that came from Glastonbury, they were heaven sent!  I understand they were last minute additions and would love you to share info on them and ask them back next year. For me, they completely hold and share what the winter solstice is all about. Thanks again.

Alternatives London, Winter Solstice Concert​

31st July 2022

In the Arms of the Mother - Ceremonial Concert for The Goddess Conference

A magical weave of Songs and Invocations honouring The Great Mother of Avalon with Heloise Pilkington accompanied by virtuoso instrumentalist Jenny Bliss.

July 9th, 16th 2022 7:30pm

Invocation of the Goddess in Song and Sound: Soul Healing Ceremony 

Glastonbury Goddess Temple In these deep sound ceremonies Heloise opens her voice as an instrument for divine healing and inspiration. Come and receive a transmission of healing frequencies in song and sound, experience profound soul connection and deep relaxation.

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