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Ecstatic Voice - ​The path of the wild soul singer​

At first it felt daunting...

to commit to the year long course but I am so glad that I did.  This journey is way more than a training for the physical voice, its an opportunity to dive deep to rescue the voice of your soul.  Working with voice in a ritual and ceremonial way was a deeply powerful, soulful and enriching experience, specially in a closed, intimate group of women.  There were many transformative moments with the highlight for me being the time spent on the land, especially sounding and singing to the trees.
At each weekend we shared the unfolding of our lives since the previous gathering’s ceremony and ritual planting of intentions.  With highly intuitive and razor sharp insight, Heloise skilfully guides you to inquire deeply into patterns that need shifting and transforming.  Each woman’s sharing often held up a mirror for me, rich with insight and collective wisdom.
For me it was a year of huge shifts and the The Ecstatic Voice journey played an important part in holding and empowering me to voice my truth and authentic expression in the world with confidence.  I now chant regularly and feel more confident to sing in a group and lead voice sessions in my retreats.  I am so grateful and honoured to be part of this Wild Soul Singing Sisterhood.
Kamini Gupta, Intuitive Artist and Retreat Leader,

I have had the profound experience of this first year...

with Heloise Pilkington being blessed as her assistant, although the depth of this transformative course soon transported me into a extraordinary healing journey.  This is a spiral led with superb expertise and a wealth of experience, by a teacher who brings a honed intuitive expertise and full understanding of the healing process to each participant with love and presence.  Heloise is a talented singer songwriter and shines in this role of guiding inwards to reveal the primal soul sound within each of us.  It has been a revelatory year filled with wisdom and love.  I hold heartfelt gratitude for each of my sisters in circle and deep thanks for Heloise as her work has taken me to hidden places within my psyche.  I feel more complete and therefore more of me is available to heal, this is so much more than a singing course it is a transformative process for life that continues to unfold.
If you feel the call do not hesitate, I highly recommend this work with Heloise.
Amanda Baker, nurse, therapist and workshop leader

Be warned!!! This course holds the potential for deep transformation!

Over the years, I have attended many ceremonies, workshops, courses, retreats and trainings, and it is not often now, that I partake in something that has such a hugely transformative affect on my life! But this course did! I have tried to pinpoint what it was about this course that made this so and I realised it was not one aspect, but the result of a magical alchemical blend that Heloise has skilfully created, making this course so special and far beyond just a singing course!


Using the power of our voices and sound, deep listening, movement, prayer, ceremony, meditation, working with the wheel of the year and the associated goddesses and elements, utilising the energies of the sacred power spots within Avalon, as well as being held within such a safe, supportive and nurturing circle of sisters, in the most beautiful, healing venue, are just a few of the ingredients that when mixed together created such magic!


And above all else, to be held and guided by Heloise with her deeply intuitive gifts, healing voice and loving open heart, gently supporting us to move beyond our fears and connect and express our Wild soul singer! This was the recipe for results!!! If you are wanting 2018 to be the year of change and transformation or just simply desiring to receive deep soul nourishment, and be held within a healing circle of love, support and connection, where you are free to explore, discover and express your voice, then I cannot recommend this course enough! I am forever grateful to Heloise and the other sisters who took this leap, to walk and sing this path together! I would do it all over again if I could, as I loved it so much!
Anna Rogers, massage therapist, bodyworker and healer

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